This is a new and improved version of Forex inControl that we call - Reborn


It works for forex, cfd's and futures; Boost your trading activity with the most flexible and efficient Grid Trading EA available, just like our customers have already done. Verified trading results. One of our customers recently finished 9th in the ForexTime Game of Pips Championship using our Grid Trading EAs on a live account. In less than a.

The key is not using too much leverage. Trading on two currency pairs makes it possible to cover potential losses on one pair by the profit from trading on the other one. If you make a mistake, please delete your comment and re-post it.

Trading history results for over 14 years!

Sep 28,  · SRB Grid is a grid trading Expert Advisor, which uses standard indicators Stochastic, Rsi, BBands for entries.. Set_Name - the name of the set file TypeTrades - Expert Advisor operation mode MaxSpread - maximum allowable spread value MinLeverage - minimum leverage filter MagicNumber - unique ID for the EA's orders /5(19).

With Forex inControl we were able to make backtests for the last years on each currency pair. This is a phenomenal result, and it confirms that our EA is really reliable and stable to all kind of news and changes on Forex. We have developed a new Accelerator mode that allows to get much bigger profit with the same risks during flat periods in the Market. You can see for yourself by checking the backtests that we made for the same period of time, with and without Accelerator mode trading in a standard mode.

Forex inControl is the EA which can work both: It does not open orders all the time, it awaits for the best moment to enter the Market. That allows to trade with several EAs on one account at the same time without getting big drawdowns. This is a new and improved version of Forex inControl that we call - Reborn. All the trading statistics is based on real money accounts and their Live Performance is verified by Myfxbook. Main things that make Forex inControl profitable and reliable: Hard control of Drawdown The most important thing in Forex trading is not to lose your deposit.

Trading on 2 different pairs The algorithm of Forex inControl is so unique that the EA can easily work on many currency pairs. Risks and Profits Trading on two currency pairs with a possibility to limit a drawdown separately on each of them, gives a great opportunity to diversify your profit and risks. Trading history results for over 14 years! The backtest results confirm that our system is safe and profitable! Grid trading is a highly profitable and mechanical trading strategy which has no reliance on direction, profits from volatility and uses the intrinsic wavy nature of the market.

It requires no market timing or complicated analysis, but rather, the ability to forecast where the market won't go in the long term and a good understanding of equity, exposure and leverage.

Boost your trading activity with the most flexible and efficient Grid Trading EA available, just like our customers have already done. Grid trading has become very popular amongst traders because it does not use stops, is highly mechanical, has no reliance on direction, uses the intrinsic wavy nature of the market, does not require indicators or charts to trade and can be easily automated.

Grid trading refers to the trading approach which uses fixed price levels to enter and exit trades. On the bright side, a grid trading strategy can profit from the same absolute market movement several times and can even make money if the market is moving against your grid.

On the downside it can appear complex and illogical initially, it can incur large drawdowns if poorly managed, requires more patience than normal and may require forex traders to make a huge paradigm shift it their thinking. Once a grid has been allocated, the system will cash-in profits every time the market moves the desired spacing and replace the trade as soon as possible to repeat the process.

Hence, the expert advisor can cash-in the same price movement several times, capturing up to four or five times more profits than a single trade with the same exposure. A grid is nothing more than a single deal or position segmented into several trades, which are cashed out independently from each other at regular intervals.

This allows us to profit several times from the same absolute price movement. Grid trading is much more profitable and safe if grids are allocated and configured manually by a responsible trader. To set up a grid, just follow the next steps. When loading the indicator or EA to any chart, you will be presented with a set of options as input parameters.

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