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The stop loss is rarely hit, though: Un ritmo del genere ovviamente non è sostenibile per lungo street Quindi, riassumendo, i robot hanno quindi tre robot principali: Both new pairs have been added to my forward test a while ago and I will keep them there and let the live performance speak for itself: As you can see on the images, WallStreet robot works very good and recovery each losses very quickly. Our purchases are conducted in three easy steps.

WallStreet Forex Robot 2.0 Evolution recensione

Se è vero che sempre più persone ricorrono al trading online per arrotondare i proprio stipendi, il mercato stesso deve moltissimo ad internet e ai trader stessi.

Questo sito utilizza solo Cookies tecnici necessari al suo corretto funzionamento. I software per il Forex: Quali sono i migliori? Ecco cosa sono e come funzionano anche su Android e iOs per iPhone 2. Ne vale la pena? Articoli correlati Le correlazioni nel Forex: La coppia di valute Dollaro - Yen nel Forex: Glossario Average True Range: Tecniche I segnali per le opzioni binarie anche a pagamento:. I would highly recommend Gold Rush Refiners to everyone. I have used them twice and found that their prices for Gold are by far the best.

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Price is a lil steep.. Who wants to go 3 ways on it? Blown Accounts are Us This is another very dangerous EA running without SL. If you look back on some of those trades, it has endured some pips before the trade kind of turn around and close with smaller lost. Who knows what the max.

Would like to see the developer appear here. I will try to answer on your questions. This is the official donnaforex profile of the WallStreet Forex Robot team. If you have support issues or questions, please use our support system, because we cannot guarantee we will be able to monitor our topics in donnaforex all the time.

I would like to know if we can set our own hard stop! I had very bad experience with scalpers and would like to make sure that the EA won't wipe 2 months of profits in one day and then have to start all over again! Yes, there is a possibility to use your own Stop Loss or Take Profit value. Come to think of it, the site is so loaded with various stuff that I felt the need to provide directions and I almost forgot that I can also link the myfxbook widget here:.

Who knows, perhaps some people actually like this marketing style. But all this rant made me almost forget a very important detail mentioned on the website: The only parameter that you really have to set is the AutoMM. This is basically the risk that the EA runs with and failing to configure it will make the EA trade a constant 0. There is also a RecoveryMode parameter, which I strongly recommend not enabling.

While it may lead to apparently higher gains, it will surely increase the drawdown dramatically. Even the manual makes a similar recommendation. Instead of using the pair defaults, any user can configure the pair parameters manually. The stop loss, take profit, secure profit and secure profit trigger can be configured, which should give many weeks of busy CPU time to the computers of the people who are into optimizations.

The manual also features a backtesting chapter that I carefully disregarded and proceeded to doing it my own way which is almost the same when it comes to history center data anyway. It also contains some really sensible broker advice and no affiliate links, which kind of surprised me, given the product website.

Most importantly, it displays the lots it will trade, the current spread and trade status along with the authentication result. As usual, I began by running history center data backtests on the time range. I chose an average spread for each pair:. All the backtests performed on history center data were using the default settings for all parameters except the AutoMM which was set to 3.

I will definitely not include it in the forward test, but I will run the other backtests on it as well, for the sake of consistency.