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The international retail Forex industry is spreading to Nigeria with newly established brokerages gaining ground in Lagos, the country’s commercial nerve centre.

Best Forex Brokers in Nigeria The platform has an easy to use chartstation, where you can place a multitude of symbols: Your other option is to pick a broker from the below list. Forex Nigeria gladly offers this list of Forex sites whose quality was tested by time and thousands of users:

Excellent Customer Service

The trading platform is another thing that you should look into when in search for a good FX broker in Nigeria. One of the best platforms in the industry is currently the Metatrader 4. You can expect any broker to have it, but if he does not you should seriously consider not opening an account with him.

Its very likely that FX regulations in Nigeria will be finalized this year. This article is poorly researched and filled with misinformation. Someone who wants to sell sponsorship at his exhibition feels the best way is to lie to brokers that the SEC is taking an interest in setting up regulatory frameworks. Kindly research the background of your authors before you publish, to save Nigerians the embarassment of poorly written article that has misinformation in it. As for selling of Sponsorship to brokers for the event, we have already closed brokers sponsorship reservation before this news was posted and as for the Author Mike Fowope, he has a strong financial service reputation and a leader in the field.

Anonymous, there is nothing to lie about. For Your information Sec Called a meeting and we all went to CBN to discus the issue of regulation with all the issues arising from from forex trading. You could visit basil page to check our pictures at CBN head quarters in abuja. Please you also should veryfy your information before you make unguarded comments. One of the major problems that has plagued foreign exchange trading in Nigeria and the reason it lacks participation from big money are lies peddled around and the failure of the small guys in retail to for once just be modest and straightforward in their assessment of the current reality on ground.

Anonymous, I share your views and enthusiasm for the state of the forex market in Nigeria. However, I strongly disagree with you that Emeka Basil orchestrated the event in his quest to secure sponsorships from brokers for his expo or for any order insidious motive.

Basil remained neutral in our debates and clarifications. Anonymous, you had three issues with this post, 1. I made a point in my first comment that the article is poorly researched, lacking in facts and is misinforming the well meaning executives who read this blog.

Basil, Bade, Kingsley, I advice you not to pay attention to the anonymous fellow is obvious that he his mischievous and and unlearned very unconisistent in all of his way, look at him explaining the process of getting regulation when he boldly claim that no meeting was called by the CBN and SEC with respect to regulation. In the west, when a company or entity is criticised, they take it as constructive feedback to work on.

You see really its time that justifies reality, well you could chose to accuse an innocent person who is perfect bystander over this issue or better yet confront the reality of your ineptitude. Bade, Basil, Bull FX. Why are you mentioning my name please? Wow, Basil did all these and still walking a free man? I await the drowning things and you have really opened my eyes to these stories. A forex broker that accept traders in your country. A broker that also accept payments method supported in your country.

In fact, your success as a forex trader is directly tied to your forex broker. Good forex brokers see you as a partner, your success is theirs and as thus, they help you in any way possible.

Alpari is one of the best with presence in Nigeria. Like I keep saying, you need to know how forex trading works. One of the ways to do that is by opening a demo account on any forex trading platform of your choice.

This demo account is loaded with virtual money and in real-time mode. This is just like playing monopoly. Mind you, you need to be proficient before you start thinking of playing with real money. Make sure you practice and practice till you get a hang of it. Most forex trader prefer to play with every different currency pair. However, I always recommend specialization. As time goes, you can diversify cause you have amassed great experience already. Currently, there are 6 currency pairs that are the best to trade.

You can start small and then walk your way to the top. Most online sources usually advice starting with a huge finance which I found to be very ridiculous.

As you progress, you then fund your account with more money. A lot of economical factors affects the value of a country's currency, so therefore to start Forex Trading one needs to be informative.

Not everyone that goes on to start Forex Trading achieves success and that is a normal condition for any business to account for looses, it's how you learn from it that helps you handle such situations next time. While some people do lose in Forext Trading others profit.

Alpari, Instaforex, Liteforex, Marketiva etc. Get a Domiciliary or Liberty Reserve Account: A liberty reserve account is an electronic base payment where you can store value in U.

You will need either to be able to withdraw or deposit your Forex Trade account, Most Forex Trader can be of assistance in this area if you will need help. Start Up Capital Investment. Other requirements are 1. Forex Trading in Nigeria is a lucrative one if you are patient, observant character. Device your own strategy for trading, work with an ethical principle, have a more discipline attitude and approach when trading. Learn to count your loses and learn from it, and become better at each trade.

Follow this Forex Trading concept and you will see how successful you can get when you Start Trading Forex in Nigeria. Instaforex-Africa is an online forex broker agency that will provide you the technical know hows on how you will succeed in your quest to become successful with your online forex trading.

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