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Utilizing the latest currency trading technologies, and partnerships with the leading assets management companies, PFGBEST is able to be a purveyor of the highest degree of professionalism in this competitive industry. Saxo Bank's Introducting broker? Does anybody have any information or experience with Internaxx? What's the different between automatic dealing desk and human dealing desk?

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Trading in Forex or foreign exchange enables traders to enter a platform that allows one to buy and sell global currencies. With more than US$4 trillion in daily trades, the Forex market is the largest in the world.

How many liquidity provider you have? We have 2 at the moment jeremy says: Seen you have two types. Yes both accounts jeremy says: FxCompany has actually submitted a listing form to us, where they indicated that they are STP. Another thing, in their Customer Agreement form there is no mentioning of market maker terms. I have no feedback on Internaxx company since I've never heard about Internaxx before. For now I've just added them to my list of brokers. Does anybody have any information or experience with Internaxx?

This is a great site keep up with the good work! Hello BG, I ask Forex. Super Nice very good explanation amazing i never thought that way i wand it to use fxcm but never will now they says they are not dd but they are through another dd and they have a very bad reputation here is all broker reviews you can have enjoy it http: We are Market Maker Broker.

Thank you for your interest in our company. We do no have a dealing desk. We are regulated in two jurisdictions: We do not charge any commissions for trading. We do not request a minimum deposit. It is possible to start trading with as little as a few dollars. Minimum lot size is 0. Minimum trading size is USD for Forex. Maximum leverage possible is 1: We offer fixed spreads: Sure, I'll create a page in a week or two. In the meantime you can use: Hi, i would i to commend you on a job well done I have narrowed down my brokers choice to a few like MB trading and Jadefx..

Many STPs nowadays work as an introducing partners for various banks, who are [banks] in their majority market makers. STP in this case is a fair intermediary, who also provides traders with A-Z trading services and support.

Any chance You can check on NordMarkets. Alpari UK are certainly a market maker. I've even get the metatrader freezing when there was a big price movement due to news being released. ECN's also charge commission and you trade on combined price. ECN's can match trades, client to client and also some may have deal desks quoting prices into the ECN.

My question is about TMS Brokers - http: Who they could be? Saxo Bank's Introducting broker? They'd love to have you as a client, and I'm sure you can get the best deals possible, including no swaps, lower spreads and a segregated bank account in your name. But, you still have to keep in mind that banks can only guarantee certain limits: So, I guess, you have to strart by asking brokers where they will keep your money and then learn about guarantees provided by the bank.

Everything else should come after that. Again, as a VIP client, you can negotiated everything! We're here on the website basically listing brokers for retail non-VIP clients, and even if I go to ask ECN brokers about their VIP trading conditions, they'll be reluctant to give me any information, since I'm not a client. There is a list of ECN brokers we were discussing one page earlier, so you an start with those.

Thanks so much BrokerGuru for the useful Information you provided to us which i didnt find anywhere els. These guys are all dealing desks, however, there is a company offering an independent api driven platform that normalizes these dealing desks and creates a fair method to trade, plus ift free for FXCM and GFT.

In any case, its worth checking out becuase it seems to be one of a kind and may help for those undecided about which broker to chose, the platform is FxSpyder. I hope this helps someone. FX Solutions always was a dealing desk broker, e. I haven't heard about any changes regarding their dealing model.

HI Thanks for this article. FX Solutions claims to be a non dealing desk yet they have fixed spreads. Another clarification from Alpari UK: The execution interface for institutional clients, will provide traders with access to a deep liquidity pool, which aggregates feeds from over 60 global banks and multiple Electronic Communications Networks ECNs and will feature Straight Through Processing STP , Non Dealing Desk execution NDD , 1 click Executable Streaming Prices ESP , accurate pricing with fractional pips and integrated algorithmic models that enable enhanced levels of execution.

You've got some point here. Russian brokers in general haven't earned much of a positive reputation among traders yet, rather there have been some negative incidents But Alpari UK so far proves to be an exception: Our agents are conveniently located with many open day and night and on weekends. We provide the same levels of security, reliability and compliance, customers receive from mainstream banks.

Technology drives our business and we believe it is changing the way money moves around the world, challenging traditional payment methods.

PFG Forex relies on latest technology to cover all our processes, including customer screening, transaction processing, data safety etc. Our technology is enterprise-grade, resilient and reliable.

All our data resides within Australia in a state-of-the-art tier 4 data centre. With a profound knowledge of the underserved needs of immigrants across Australia, we endeavour to meet the needs of individuals seeking to send money home to their families or for business by providing a quality service and treating our customers and business partners with dignity and respect. Our 24X7 customer support service is a tribute to that commitment. Getting Started Have confidence sending money with our trusted network of partners.

About Us We partner with proven financial institutions around the globe to provide fast, secure and easy global money transfers. This platform has state-of-the-art order entry technology; a super DOM price ladder order ticket; single click, chart-based trading; real-time quotes, and extensive charting tools.

It is compatible for eSignal data plug-ins and it features automated systems trading. Multiple account holders like brokers and CTAs find it useful for the aggregate allocation order tickets.

All benefit from the auto liquidation functionality and ability to cancel working orders. A recommended platform for traders of every level who want a single platform to trade, analyze and track all markets. Trade directly from the chart, the price ladder DOM style and trade console.