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Fortnite Season 6 Week 1 Challenges: Enable cross play in Fortnite and you can join your friends on any platform.

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Slides and replay from "R and Hadoop" webinar Go vector or go home digest 0. Is it really time to fire your adviser? Plan B games is launching a new abstract-only line of games following the success of Azul , and their first title is Reef by Emerson Matsuuchi Century: The new studio, Next Move!

I think taking theme out of the equation gives designers a chance to focus on pure fun. Reef is about building a colorful coral reef in various colors and patterns to score points.

Read more about Reef here. The second game in the Century trilogy following the hugely successful Century: Spice Road invites players to take to the seas as spice merchants. Will the third Century title will be combinable as well—but will it combine with both previous titles, creating several permutations? Plan B is onto something with these short, strategic games. Read more about Century Eastern Wonders here.

Will it feature dice customization like Rattlebones or Dice Forge? Will you put stickers on the dice? Will you destroy dice by consuming them? This theatrical trailer does a great job of painting a picture for you:.

And judging from the title, Forbidden Sky will pick up from where the last game left off, with the crew of adventures sailing their flying ship right into a storm. This means all three games could be played back to back and the story would fit quite nicely.

It'll be different in an unexpected way but not harder. Forbidden Sky is probably the hardest game I've done to date — so no, not harder. If anyone can tell me what that means, please let me know in the comments. Forum Trajanum , as the name implies, is Roman empire-themed, and gives players the chance to control their own Roman city, or Colonia. At the same time, they must help the emperor construct the magnificent Forum Trajanum.

May Feld and Rieneck bring us another intricate euro filled with points. Renegade had a very good year in , and they have a very full release schedule for You must build your ship while battling other pirates to make sure you alone reach the treasure.

It will be interesting to see how combat is handled and how direct it is. This colorful game should be a fun, swashbuckling filler that will look great on the table. Read more about the Sabordage game here.

The inventor of the legacy genre himself is giving Betrayal at House on the Hill legacy treatment.